Illinois vigorously promote the recycling of plastic bags

Life, we almost can not plastic packaging do without plastic bags, but the plastic recycling problem has been plaguing us , and even has become an international problem in the United States, Lake County (Lake County, Illinois), in order to reduce the waste stream , the implementation clamshell packaging of environmental protection, Illinois State has been working hard to recycle plastic bags and film.

2006 , Illinois has recycled more than 812 million pounds of plastic film and bags in the country. This suggests clear plastic packaging that recycling of plastic bags and plastic film is in full swing and achieved great success in the pvc tray United States. U.S. recycling rate of plastic bags and films plastic packaging design have been able to significantly improved mainly by the United States for the rapid growth of demand for recycled plastic and store more and more bags using recycled goods plastic trays .

U.S. experts said that with more and more people understand the depth of the plastic , the plastic that is also a valuable resource , can not be easily wasted , more and more Americans of recycled plastic bags and film took the attitude of acceptance . American Chemistry Council and the National Retail engaged in plastics recycling processing units and communities to work together to promote the recycling of plastic bags and are confident in the future to further improve its recycling rate . After the used plastic bags and film processing can be made for the recovery of many valuable products , or can be processed into a new plastic bag .

With the enactment of the Recovery plastic packaging box Act bags , plastic bags and film recycling program in Lake County continues to get a response . Illinois has a dedicated team of plastic bag recycling , the Task Force established by law and is responsible for developing and implementing a plastic bag and film recycling program in Lake County store . Pilot activities and availability targets to improve consumer awareness of recycling plastic bags people / film , and then to improve plastic recycling programs and films .

USA , a leading manufacturer of plastic bags , which can be initiated by one kind of recycled plastic bags processed into second-generation activities . The plastic box design campaign encourages consumers to bring back their used plastic bags to the store , you can follow-up process to get the job after the company recycled plastic bags from the store .

Lake County by major retailers to encourage consumers to recycle measures to encourage the use of plastic bags is a major social progress. With the international problem of plastic bag recycling more and more attention , more and more variety in place to encourage or restrictive regulations , resource conservation and environmental awareness of people and more concentrated .

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